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Name - Ethan R. Brammeier


Phone -1-(618)-314-2744


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       In August, 2015, I received my Masters Degree in Architecture from Southern  Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois.  I am currently working at Eggemeyer Associates Architects in Herrin, Illinois.  

     Growing up in a small town, I had numerous influential people urging me to pursue an architectural major based on my interest. At first I liked art and design, but it was in high school when I narrowed down my interest to architecture. Taking drafting classes and working construction gave me insight into the design portion of the field. 

       Attending Rend Lake College was very beneficial to me. I was able to commute to class three days a week and  work construction the other days.  While attending school at Rend Lake, I learned new programs that normally are not taught at other colleges. I was also able to compete in several drafting competitions while attending school there.  

   Rend Lake College offered a '2+2' articulation agreement with Carbondale and their architecture program.  Once I received my associates degree from Rend Lake, I went to Southern Illinois University of Carbondale to receive my bachelors degree.

   I was accepted into the masters program at Carbondale and graduated with my degree in August, 2015.  The topic I chose for my thesis was an assisted living facility.  It focused on how the natural environment in the living space improves the tenants' well-being.

       Upon completion of college I continued to study new technology and learn how to use it.  Virtual reality, in my opinion, will be used by every architect in the future to give clients are real life look into the design of their building.  I have personally done several projects at work using this technology and clients are clearly amazed at how well virtual reality helps them understand the spaces compared to looking at 2D plans and renderings.  



 Knowledge of Programs 


3ds Max

Virtual Reality, 3D modeling, topography, mental-ray rendering, video animation, and converting file types 



Construction documents, 3D modeling, detailing, and converting file types



Gathering weather data



Inputting info to generate energy analysis of building



Laying out presentation boards



Rendering and video animation


Microsoft Office

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint



Photo editing, board layouts, and post rendering effects



Floor plans, elevations, sections, and details



Video Editing


Sketch UP

Virtual Reality, mass modeling and topography 

Work Experience

Eggemeyer Associate Architects - (6-24-13 to Present)
    This architecture firm was the first firm I ever worked for and am still currently working at.  The knowledge I gained in the short time as an employee was more than I expected and could not be learned in school. Since this firm was only a few miles from the college, it allowed me to work part-time and also attend class.  I was able to work 12-15 hours a week during school and 40 hours per week when school was not in session.  So far I have completed 1745 hours for my IDP and will soon log another 6 months worth of hours. To see those hours, click here.
Graduate Assistantship - (8-18-14 to 5-1-15)
       My graduate assistantship involves working in the printing lab at the architecture buidling on campus.  The type of work I do there is assist students with plotting presentation boards and answering any questions they have with the programs they are working in.
DBG Construction - (2008 to 2013)
     Working for DBG Construction confirmed my decision in choosing architecture as a major.  I started working for the company my junior year in high school (2008) and worked there until I started my new job at the architecture firm in Carbondale (2013). With the knowledge I gained during this job I now understand how most details of a building work. When designing any building in my school projects, I consider every part of the structure and how it is built. Any structure we built at DBG Construction was done from foundation to roof, including finish work.
Construction Skills
Pouring Concrete
Concrete Finish
Placing Metal Columns & Beams
Installing Floor Joists
Installing Sub-Floor
Stud Framing (Wood)
Placing Roof Trusses
Roofing - (Plywood & Papering)
Asphalt Roof
Metal Shingles
Standing-Metal Seam Roof
Rubber Roof
Fascia & Soffit
Installing Windows & Doors
Installing Vinyl Siding & Trim
Hardwood Flooring
Installing Casework
Baseboard & Trim
Lawn Maintenance - (2004 to 2010)
     This self-employed job gave me the one-on-one experiece with a customer.  This being my first job, it taught me that hard work makes the customer happy.  I also felt a sense of accomplishment when details were noticed.  



Trinity Lutheran Hoyleton Grade School

      -Graduated 2006


Nashville Community High School

      -2006 to 2010


Rend Lake Community College

      -2010 to 2012


Southern Illinois University of Carbondale (SIUC)

      -2012 to 2014


Graduate School at SIUC

      -6-9-14 to August 2015

Downloadable Files



>Under-Graduate Portfolio*

>Thesis Book*


    *Password is required to download files (Available upon request)

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