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I received my remote pilot license on January 15, 2018.  I currently own a DJI Mini 2 SE drone.
Sunroom Addition
Summer 2022

This side project was an addition of a sunroom to the back of an existing home.  Since the client wanted to get a visual of what the addition was going to look like I had two options.  Measure the existing house and then model it plus the surrounding site or 3D map the entire property with a drone and not have to do any measuring.  Going with the drone option saved approximately 10-15 hours between the time it would have taken to measure everything and model it.  Once the model was created with the drone mapping all I had to do was take the model into 3ds Max to modify the topography and then import it into Lumion and add trees.    After that I imported the SketchUp model of the addition and adjusted it to match up with the drone model.  Overall it saved time and gave a much more realistic representation of what the addition would look like.

New Shed
Winter 2024

Someone asked me if I could give them a visualization of what a new shed would look like on their property.  Prior to them asking me this, I happened to find a new software that allows me to put a 3D model into my drone footage without the need to model the entire site.  This method is similar to the one used for the sunroom addition it that a 3D model of the addition was modeled, but the difference is the above method also creates a 3D model of the entire site which then takes time to clean up.  Some may argue the above method looks better because features such as landscaping can be added and camera angles adjusted, but the method used for the new shed takes less time to finish.  It really comes down to what the client wants.  Either quality or time, giving someone multiple options on the finished product is very helpful.

Spring 2022

Being a graduate of Nashville Community High School, when I found out the boys basketball team won state in March of 2022, I wanted to capture the moment so I recorded the parade when they returned to town.  In the early part of the video I used the hyperlapse feature which takes a photo every 2-3 seconds as I'm flying the drone.  Once all of the photos are stitched together in Adobe After Effects it creates a timelapse effect.  The rest of the video and audio were all compiled in Adobe After Effects.  

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