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Graduate Projects

Open-Air Museum
Summer 2014

This project was the first graduate school project I completed.  Since the class was during the summer semester, I had to complete a 16-week project in 8 weeks.  In this individual project, we were to choose a location on our given site and design an open-air museum.  This would include a set of a certain building type to be set up in a meaningful arrangement on the site.  I decided to choose a boat house as my building type.  Along with the buildings we were to design a welcome center for our museum. The site we were assigned was an area of Rend Lake.  I visited the site and chose a specific location for my musuem.  To see more of this project click here

Olympic Legacy Plan
Fall 2014

The 2016 Olympic Games will take place in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  This project focused on the legacy plan of the Olympic site.  The Legacy plan is what will remain and/or be built on the site once the Olympics are finished.  We were to design a portion of the site with a variety of residential and public spaces.  Half of the semester focused on our group site design and the other half on our individual building design. I produced a panel set for my individual building that includes structure, floor plans, MEP, and more.  To see the panel set, video animation, and model, click here.

Spring 2015

I will start my thesis this Spring Semester and finish it mid-July.  This thesis proposes to design a new assisted living facility that is Gold LEED certified that also focuses on how the exposure of nature in a living environment will benefit those that live there. The Fall semester (2014) focused on choosing a thesis topic and doing preliminary research.  I chose Nashville, Illinois as a site to design this facility. There are not any assisted living facilities near Nashville, so it would act as a central facility to those that live in or around Nashville.  This project will be updated as school progresses.  Click here to see updates. 

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