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New Deck

The 20th of April, 2011, there was a bad storm that went through Hoyleton causing damage to parts of my parents home.  The old deck on my parents' back patio was damaged, so we decided to replace it with new material instead of repairing the old structure.  The pictures below show what damage was caused to the old deck and also what the deck looked like before it was replaced. 

Step 1

Since the privacy fence was damaged on the south-west side of our house, our goal was to fix that first.  We started by removing nearly 800 cubic feet of dirt to allow space for the concrete pad and new deck.  Once the concrete was poured, I proceeded to construct the framing of the deck (Image 1&2).  



Step 2

Once the framing was completed, my dad a I ran wiring to the designated areas.  After that was done, I proceeded to attach the composite decking (Image 3).  An issue I had to deal with on a portion of this deck was attaching new material to an existing concrete slab.  The flower box attached to this deck was adjacent to the new deck as well as the existing concrete slab.  I poured a new concrete slab that would act as a firm foundation for the flower box (Image 4).  Wiring that was run to this area would provide power to an outlet and the LED strip on the flower box.  



Step 3

Once the flower box was built and the majority of the deck complete, my mom finished the landscaping around it.  The images below show this portion of the deck 90% complete.  

Step 4

With the first part of the deck completed, I moved on to the other side of the patio.  Working with the existing shape of the patio, I had to come up wih a solution that would look pleasant and also function well.  I decided to go to the computer for this so I could get an idea of what it would look like.  The final solution I came up with can be seen in the renderings below.  To save time, I created the framing plan and figured out the rest from there.  I decided to keep the same shape of the patio while squaring off the corners of the deck.  Four flower boxes were then placed on the corners and also the middle portion of the deck.  

Dirt Work & Perimeter Layout
Post Locations
Framing & Finish Work
Finish Work & Lighting
Finish Work & Lighting
Fire-Pit & Landscaping

Construction Process

Finished Photos

Support Railing
Fire-Pit & Brick Patio
Fire-Pit & Brick Patio
Privacy Fence
View From Old Patio
Night View
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