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     In the next 25 years, the elderly population is expected to double.  The need for elderly living facilities will grow as time goes on.  This thesis proposes to design an Assisted Living Facility that benefits the elderly residents through its design, aesthetics, and outdoor spaces.  The facility was also thoroughly designed in an effort to gain LEED certification.  

           Assisted Living Facilities provide an opportunity for the elderly to live independently without the constant need of a care provider.  Each resident has their own room which includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Services that are normally provided include; medical supervision, personal care assistance, 24-hour supervision, emergency call systems, housekeeping, social activities, and meals.  Assisted living facilities do not provide extensive medical care like that of a nursing home, but they do offer independent living and personal privacy.  These facilities are for those that can live independently but would still benefit from the 24-hour care provided.

           The site that was chosen to build an assisted living facility on is in Nashville Illinois.  The reason this site was chose was based on the fact that there is not one supportive/assisted living facility in the county. Approximately eight years ago there was a proposal to build an assisted living facility in Nashville, but no plans were ever developed.  The current site already contains several duplexes designed to house retired couples.  This site is in the middle of the county which means it would be within close proximity to all the surrounding towns, and distant travel would also be shorter being located near I-64 and I-57.  An assisted living facility in the town of Nashville would offer shorter travel for anyone visiting from the surrounding area and give the elderly a great place to live.  


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