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The challenge of this competition was to redesign a city block with buildings made from renewable resources and wood framing.  The competition asked that a wood factory, fabrication lab, bike shop, and residential living complex all be built with the innovations of wood design.  We wanted the center of the site to be the main focal point, so we designed a large green space there and also on top of other buildings on the site.  Solar panels, power generated floor tiles, and gray water systems were used to add to the renewable resources we used in this project.  Each building is either connected by bridge or through the walkways provided in the green space located at the center of the site. 

Timber in the City - New York

South View Perspective

West View Perspective

Physical Model

Plans & Details

Site Plan

3D Wall Detail

Wall Section

Site Sections


Final Model

Completed 2/18/13 @ 1:00 am

Created 1/18/15 @ 3:41 am

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