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The concept for this design is to create a sense of community while trying to utilize remnants of the 2016 Olympics. This was accomplished by creating nodes of interaction for both the domestic population as well as the visitors of Brazil. Points of interaction between the domestic and visitor populations are overlapped at places such as the Olympic Way and the Olympic Way shopping center. While trying to promote growth to the site, plans to create a centralized hotel that will connect to the Olympic way to increase visitor revenue.

The goal of this project was to design a new legacy plan for the Olympic site in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  The 2016 Olympic games will be held at this location and the facilities are currently being built.  There were two plans made for this site, an Olympic plan and a legacy plan.  The Olympic plan involves all the facilities and housing that are required for the Olympic games.  The legacy plan is what will remain once the Olympic games are over. The idea is to recreate the site in a way that best benefits the community.  This would include the addition of a new hotel, residential housing, rec center, school, health clinic, retail shops, and police station.  The geological location of the site, pollution on the site, climate temperature, and crime rate were major factors that went into the design of our site. 

Olympic Legacy Plan - Rio de Janiero, Brazil

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Video Animation

We wanted to have a realistic representation of our proposed site design so I spent a majority of my time doing that in Lumion.  I started with creating the topography of our site.  This was done by importing the topography maps from Google Earth into Sketch Up.  From there it was taken into 3ds Max to make adjustments specific to our design.  Once I imported the topography into Lumion we could get a clear representation of what the mountain view would be from our site.  Since the sun and mountain views played a huge role in the decision of our buildings orientations, it could be easily tested in this software.  All of our buildings were completed in Revit and then imported into Lumion.  I was then able to change materials and add trees, cars, people, etc. The video animation below is of the entire site (Video quality is low - I will replace it with a video with higher quality soon).   The video below that is of my own individual hotel design (To view in HD, click the settings tab and select 1080p).




The renderings above were all done in Lumion.  There are night and daytime renderings of my own building and also rendering I made of my group members buildings.  
Above are pictures of my individual model and also our group models.  Even though a large model wasn't required, our group decided to build a 8x12 foot model.  I put LED lighting in the model to help relate our buildings on the model to our legend.  The legend included a description of our individual buildings, a rendering, and QR code.  The QR code linked to the video animations created in Lumion. 

Completed 11/30/14 @ 5:51 pm

Created 1/19/15 @ 5:53 am

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