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The Connected City - Dallas, TX

The goal of the Connected City Design Challenge is to connect downtown Dallas to the Trinity River. Due to the highways segregating the two elements, the choice of a college campus was developed. The existing highways would be buried creating an easier and safer connection from downtown to the college campus.  Parks and elevated walkways would serve as spaces that encourage travel by walking.  The layout of the college incorporates the surrounding area through its multiple entrances and elevated train station in the middle of campus.  The new Trinity River Park will connect the green spaces to the campus and to the new green spaces beyond.  New sports facilities and a large shopping center will also bring people to the area.  The sites focus on the growth of the community and the drawing of students to the college benefits the growth of the city. 


Site Section

The renderings above are from different areas of the site.  Click the images to enlarge the view.  The video below is from my groups final presentation.  I created the video animation in 3ds Max.  The parts of the video that I did are at 0:12 - 0:35, 0:47 - 2:06, and 2:23 - 3:10.  

Design Parti

Site Plan

(Click Image to Enlarge)

Completed 11/29/13 @ 8:36 pm

Created 1/18/15 @ 4:52 am

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