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Southern Illinois Airport Terminal

This project we were to individually design a new terminal building that could eventually replace the current one at Southern Illinois Airport.  The current terminal building at this site has structural damage and is being demolished in the near future.  My goal was to design a new building that would be iconic with modern technology built into it.  An addition to the terminal that was strongly encouraged was a research center in which students could study a new type of transportation. The Southern Illinois Airport actually serves as a campus to aviation and automotive students, so that is why the research center was designed.  My building design relates to the airport in multiple ways: the long profile of glass on the facade of the building is similar to that of a planes windows, the ends of the roof flare upward to resemble wings of a plane, and the angle of the structural columns supporting the roof is 22.5 degrees which is the same angle of the vertical stabilizer on most planes.  Below is a video animation created in Lumion 4.0. Change the quality in the settings tab to view the video in high quality.  Below the video is the project booklet from the entire semester. This booklet includes the design concept, plans, elevations, sections, renderings, lighting analysis, and structural analysis.  

Project Booklet

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Final Model


Completed 5/7/13 @ 11:02 pm

Created 1/18/15 @ 6:12 am

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