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The goal of this project was to create an eye-catching piece of art at  a given  location  in the building without connecting it permanently to the structure.  Our group was given a location that only provided us window mullions to support our structure.  Once our location was given to us, we started to design a piece of art that would look intriguing and also fit into the structure of our assigned location.  We decided to create a wave-like structure with the use of dowel rods, PVC, metal pipe, string, and clamps. The clamps were tightened with bolts, which held them securely to the window mullions.  The spiral was created which consisted of 20 bamboo sticks 9 degrees apart.  The first piece of bamboo was 2 feet long, and each piece increased 2 inches thereafter.  One end of the bamboo was held together by a dowel rod through the PVC, the other end by the string from the metal pipe above.

Radial Wave

Finished Model

Computer Rendering

Side View

Horizontal Mullion Clamp

vertical Mullion Clamp

The images above show renderings and the assembed form of the clamps.  All renderings were done in AutoCAD & 3ds Max.  The clamps on the mullion running horizontally would have a 1-1/4 inch piece of PVC pipe running through it.  The clamps on the vertical mullions would have a 1/2 inch metal pipe running through it. String was connected from the metal pipe to the ends of the bamboo.  



The side view (Image 1) shows how the lengths of the bamboo and string relate to one another.  From the front view (2) you can see how the wave-like form was created. The image below (3) shows step-by-step of how the bamboo was connected to the PVC pipe. The 1/2" dowel rod was friction fit into the PVC pipe and the 1/4" dowel rod kept the bamboo from sliding off of the 1/2" dowel rod (3&4)



Built 9/16/12 @ 3:08 pm

Created 1/17/15 @ 6:04 pm

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